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Sunny Slope Tree Service has provided Glenmoore PA with exceptional tree care services including removal and trimming since 1996. We pride ourselves on providing professional, reliable services and can work on even the most complicated projects. We use state-of-the-art tree removal and stump grinding equipment to ensure a safe job is completed every single time. Whether you have a large estate or a house with a backyard in Glenmoore PA, Sunny Slope Tree Service can help you with all of your tree care needs!

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Why Is Trimming Good for Trees?

Trimming off excess branches and leaves can, in fact, encourage a tree to grow. And if it seems that one branch of the tree is rotting or has fungus, it can be cut off during the process of pruning in order to prevent this from spreading to the rest of the tree. If you want to encourage the tree to grow in a certain direction rather than another, this can be done with the help of trimming. You might want to prevent the tree from growing into your neighbor's yard, for example. Or you might want to prevent it from growing into your house.

Tree Pruning, Removal and Care

Not only will Sunny Slope Tree Service make sure that your trees get the pruning they need but they can also help in the removal of dead trees. We can advise you about what needs to be done to make your tree grow better. We can also help you plant more trees within your property and care for them properly. And we'l help you make sure that the trees that have been there for some time continue to prosper.


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